Our Story


Bianco Group is a well established award-winning company, priding itself with quality, quantity and value. After 35 years of experience within the industry, founder John Panebianco has established new ways to develop, market and sell unique products. Bianco Group currently networks with various companies which have proven influential to the market, in order to produce and distribute high quality food throughout Australia.

Where we started

John Panebianco was introduced into the food and beverage industry in 1983, when he began his first company Papa Gelato. He began manufacturing and distributing homemade authentic Italian gelato across Australia, for over 28 years. Production saw rapid growth and exposure, which led John to travel to Italy in search of the highest quality ingredients. This facilitated his next business opportunity, collaboration with an upcoming Italian Ingredients brand, Mec3.

John Panebianco was the first Australian importer of Mec3. Importing and distributing various products saw the growth and demand for gelato in Australia effectively progress. Being the only certified distributor within Australia, this aided the companies growth and development within the food/beverage industry. 

Bianco Group still maintains a strong connection with Mec3, who acknowledges our networking abilities as the facilitator for their success within the Australian market.

After having established his name within the industry, John made the decision to branch off into a new business venture, and Bianco Group was born.

What we do

Quality, convenience and cost are at the heart of Bianco Group, influencing the way we work and develop our products. We understand the ever-changing needs of a contemporary consumer in today’s rapidly evolving society, which manifests in the success of our products.

Biancogroup is housed through two main sites located in Brighton-Le-sands; a successful fully operational beachside function centre (bianco Restaurant), as well as a beachside cafe (bianco Kitchen). Use of our multiple locations enables us to produce and distribute our renowned homemade dishes. A strong alliance with local Australian farmers facilitates our production of award-winning organic products, our competitive edge in the market. Bianco Group recently entered the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, a national event judging the highest quality pasta produced from companies within Australia, through extensive grading. Bianco Group is proud to have won multiple awards over the past 5 years, presenting only the finest quality pasta.

2019 – Silver, Bronze


2017 – Bronze, Silver

2016 – Gold, Silver Bronze

Bianco Group is also highly affiliated as a leading exhibitor within the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Australia's Largest annual event, which sees approximately 850,000+ visitors from across the globe pass within a 12 day period. Being one of the largest commercial food exhibitors in the show, Bianco Group houses over 350 sqm of space. Our site space is dedicated not only to our products, but also to emerging companies whose potential we believe in. As a result of this, such companies benefit from Bianco Group in gaining access and exposure to the Australian market. Our credibility and long standing connection of over 20+ years with the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW enables us to extensively market the unique products we enter each year. 

Our newest venture - Bianco Pantry

Bianco Group welcomes its newest addition to the family, Bianco Pantry. Bianco Pantry is a boutique home delivery service, stocking select premium products for customers to enjoy at the click of a button.

Our unique delivery service enables customers to enjoy a range of quality foods & ingredients, as we partner with some of the most sought after local Australian businesses. This service not only provides our customers with a convenient ordering platform, it additionally provides a connection to our local Australian businesses, supporting their continual operation. Bianco Group's Famous Handmade Gnocchi & Pasta has definitely warmed some hearts. We've listened, now we are here to deliver the goods, so let us look after your dinner tonight!