Our famous Award Winning Potato Gnocchi is carefully crafted with only the finest Australian ingredients. Made with 100% real potatoes & Nonna's secret ingredients, there's truely nothing like it! Soft but firm, fluffy but light, our Gnocchi are truely pillows of delight!

This product is precooked.

Serving Size

440g± (Serves 2)

Cooking Instructions 

  1. Once Gnocchi is defrosted, simply place in salted boiling water. Once the Gnocchi float to the top of the water they are ready! (Approx. 2min)  

  2. Strain Gnocchi and mix with your favourite sauce, add cheese and/or chilli for an authentic Italian meal! Buon Appetito!



Potato, Flour, Parmesan, Salt, Eggs, Oil


Store Frozen